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Reader Submission – Kindness in the Freeze

I was at a local King Sooper’s today and had just left. As I was sitting in my car in line to make a turn out onto the street I noticed a homeless man on the side of the road just standing there. Today’s temperature barely got above 16 degrees and it was probably 9 degrees as I left the store. Then I noticed a man pull up next to the homeless guy and give him money and a warm Starbucks drink. Although small, it was a gesture that inspired me and made me feel good about people. I know next time I see someone standing outside freezing I will repeat this gesture and hope I also inspire someone to do the same thing.



This story was shared with us by Jenny Bridges from Denver, CO.

Written by RAKproject Guest Poster

January 14th, 2013 at 6:01 pm

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