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NaplesNews: I Learned Today that Random Acts of Kindness Really Do Exist

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I witnessed the most extraordinary thing this past Friday…..

Friday was the last day to pay local property taxes without incurring substantial penalties and interest. As several of us last minute taxpayers were waiting in line to pay, a nasty old man was giving the girl behind the counter a very hard time.

He has proven to be a difficult customer and insisted he paid his taxes, when in fact, he had not.

After berating the cashier and the cashier’s supervisor, he slowly walked away, dejected. (I think I can safely assume by his labored breathing and painful posture, his cantankerous disposition comes from old age and ill health.)

The gentleman standing next in line as all this was going on, stepped up and had noticed the man wore a veteran’s cap. He asked the cashier if she knew if the man was indeed a veteran and she said yes he was.

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June 2nd, 2013 at 10:40 pm

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