perform a Random Act of Kindness every day, for an entire year. Can you do it?

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RAK Reader Submission – My Brother’s Kindness for a Stranger

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I had to give props to my brother…an older gentleman that I know from DIA (one of the elevator guards) works a second job as a pizza delivery driver at night. He was robbed at gunpoint on a delivery, and taken for $58 and his cell phone.  Within seconds of seeing the story, my brother Paypal’d me 60 bucks so I could give it to him.

You can’t know how it made the guard’s day, he was grateful and teary-eyed that someone he doesn’t even know wanted to make that effort. I’ve always known that my bro is as awesome as a person can get, now you guys get to know it too!


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February 26th, 2013 at 4:16 pm

Reader Submission – Kindness in the Freeze

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I was at a local King Sooper’s today and had just left. As I was sitting in my car in line to make a turn out onto the street I noticed a homeless man on the side of the road just standing there. Today’s temperature barely got above 16 degrees and it was probably 9 degrees as I left the store. Then I noticed a man pull up next to the homeless guy and give him money and a warm Starbucks drink. Although small, it was a gesture that inspired me and made me feel good about people. I know next time I see someone standing outside freezing I will repeat this gesture and hope I also inspire someone to do the same thing.



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January 14th, 2013 at 6:01 pm

RAKproject Challenge – The First 2 Weeks

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Late last December, as I was frantically trying to compile some photos and clips of friends whom I invited to talk about their New Year’s resolutions into a video. One of the friends I sent an invitation to was Ryan Prast. He got back to me with several resolutions (6 to be exact) but one of them stood out and hit me in the gut. On a piece of paper, we wrote “Perform random acts of kindness everyday…” And then I found out about The RAK Project page which Ryan had put up on Facebook as a challenge to people to try and perform 1 act of kindness everyday for a whole year. Without giving it much thought, I accepted the challenge.

Initially, I thought it was going to be easy. I mean how hard could it be to do something nice for a fellow human being? Well, much like the typical “lose more pounds” and “eat healthier” types of resolutions, I found this to be a lot harder than I initially thought.

One kind act per day – seems easy enough, right? The first seven days were. After that, I thought to myself, it was rather unrealistic to try and do this everyday. I mean, it was starting to lose that “random” element simply because I had to consciously try and identify a target recipient of my kind act. I felt that it was no longer a random act of kindness but rather a preset chore that had to done.

I thought, maybe I could modify the challenge just slightly and still have the same overall effect. I didn’t want to lose steam or worse, burn out on this challenge. So instead of trying to do one kind act each day for a year, I resolved to try and do at least 365 acts of kindness within the same period. It’s a quota I’ve set and intend to hit (and hopefully, even overshoot).

As a brief retrospective, I’ve jotted down a few simple things I’ve done the first 14 days. I admit, there is plenty of is horn-tooting here. But I can assure everyone that the horns have all been tooted with the best of intentions.

Here they are, in no particular order…

1. My wife and I gave the produce guys in the grocery store an unexpected gift. This act bore fruit (no pun intended) just a few days after – my wife came home yesterday surprised that she got some potatoes at nearly half-off their regular price, courtesy of the vegetable guy.

2. After he stopped by to deliver the mail, I gave our mailman some extra cash to buy himself a snack and refreshment. This guy is delivering people’s mail on foot rain or shine. And if you have any idea what the tropical heat and monsoon rains we get here in the Philippines are like, you’d want to buy him snacks and refreshments, too.

3. I gave my bottled water to a street sweeper who looked like she needed it more than I did. I was jogging – she was raking leaves in the village park. I think I could stand a few minutes of thirst.

4. I held the door open for a lady who had her hands full and couldn’t do it herself. The smile she gave was enough proof that the gesture was appreciated.

5. I made a small donation to this crowd-sourced project:

6. I gave one of the public transportation drivers here an unexpected gift. Having learned later on that his brother had just recently died, I’m hoping the gift somehow gave a little positive note to a rather sad moment.

7. I helped a couple of ladies move their twin baby stroller (and the 2 babies who were in them) out of an elevator. I didn’t get any reactions, not even a smile, so I’m not entirely sure that act was seen as kindness. Perhaps they thought it was odd.

8. I helped a lady who was probably in her 70s board the bus. Buses here are not exactly friendly to seniors and the disabled. Come to think of it, even I find it difficult going up those steep steps.

9. I mentioned to Ryan that I’d be happy to host this web site on my server for free. I’m glad he accepted the offer.

10. I also helped Ryan set up WordPress and install a modified theme for this web site (which we are now happily using).

I realized as I was wrapping this up that I was already 4 acts short of the daily target. Well, I hope to make up for that in the coming days. I also hope that more people take the RAKproject challenge and share their experiences here on this web site.

Till next time, RAK and roll.

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January 14th, 2013 at 10:12 am