perform a Random Act of Kindness every day, for an entire year. Can you do it?

About The RAKproject

Last year, tragic events motivated many to ask, “what can I do to help?  How can I show the world that good still exists?”  This created an amazing movement of goodwill and generosity, with people doing good deeds for strangers nationwide.  But once the holidays were over, many found it was easy to fall back into the same patterns and forget that the world desperately needs kindness on a daily basis.

So here it is – The RAKproject. Random Acts of Kindness.

The goal – perform a Random Act of Kindness, every day, for an entire year.

It doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive.  A few kind words to a stranger, or providing handwarmers to a homeless person.  Buying coffee for someone in line, or letting a stranger cut in the same line.  Taking a few minutes to really listen to a friend in need.  Calling another to remind them they are loved.

It sounds easy, but doing anything every single day can be a challenge.  It takes effort, and commitment, and practice.  Especially on those days when you are feeling blue, feeling down or frustrated.

But you may find that doing these Random Acts of Kindness is therapeutic, and this altruism can be a catalyst for positive change – by providing hope and inspiration to others, you may find your own world a little more blessed, more extraordinary, and more fulfilling.

The idea isn’t new or particularly unique.  But maybe it’s something we all need.  C’mon, what do you have to lose?

A Year of Kindness. Can you do it?