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Random acts of kindness abound in wake of tragedy

BOSTON — This hardened city, not always known for being warm and welcoming, reacted to Monday’s marathon bombing by offering victims refuge — a place to stay warm, make phone calls to loved ones, charge cellphones, eat or drink, or just collect themselves.

The response from Bostonians was hailed by people who came from across the world for the Boston Marathon, and Bostonians said they would have done anything to lend a hand during the disaster.

On Tuesday, when a swath of the Back Bay remained blocked off for the investigation, stories started to spread of strangers helping others.

Matt Phillips of Australia was a few blocks down Boylston Street from the site of the explosions at the Capital Grille, where David Morelli, a sales representative from Marblehead, gave Phillips a few of the restaurant’s tablecloths to keep himself warm, as well as food and drink. Phillips couldn’t find his wife and daughter — and without an ability to call while overseas, they had virtually no way to connect.

Morelli, who was having lunch, ensured him he’d find them.

“I said, ‘I’ll stick by you. I’ll help you. I won’t abandon you,’ ” Morelli said. “I was so nervous for him. I felt compelled to hang with him no matter what. I kept saying, ‘Sorry, Boston’s not normally like this.’ ”

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April 18th, 2013 at 2:57 pm

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